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This Allows:

* One Bracket to use with Any of the "Doubled Holed" Targets.

* Targets with Spring Tension that move when you hit it and allowing them to Ring!!

* Unlimited Target Scenarios that are Fun to Shoot for the New and Experienced shooter.

* Pistol and Rifle shooting.

* Unlimited Options for Target Placement.

* Easy to Transport and Setup with a small Storage Footprint.

* Made in the USA.
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"T-Post Modular Target Bracket"

"T-Post Modular Target Bracket" is for any of our "Doubled Holed" Targets like the "IDPA / USPSA Silhouette" or the 250-yard "Morgan's Shingle".  This Bracket is sold with all the necessary hardware to hang your Targets.  You will receive two (2) Grade 8 Bolts, two (2) Nylon Lock Nuts, two (2) Target Springs and two (2) Target Collars.  The Target Springs are for the center Target they allow the Target to move away slightly from the shooter when impacted and allows the Target to Ring!!
The "T-Post Modular Target Bracket" is for Any of our "Double Holed" Targets.  One Bracket that works with them all!  This Bracket allows for one Target in the middle and Additional Targets to hang on either side from the Horizontal Target Hanger, giving you Unlimited Options to Practice Transitions from Target to Target. 
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Requires:  Targets!!!
Important:  Maintain a Minimum Distance of 100-yards with a Center Fire Rifle and 15-yards with a Pistol NO CLOSER!

Do Not shoot steel with projectiles with a speed greater the 3100fps at the muzzle, no matter the caliber it is.

NEVER Shoot Targets with "Steel Core" or "Armor Penetrating" Rounds.

Following these guidelines will make your Target last a long time. 

Rifleman Training Targets is Not Responsible for Improperly Used Targets.

Purchaser Assumes ALL Risk and Responsibility for Any and All Accidents

Safe Shooting is No Accident

T-Post Modular Target Bracket
(7.5 lbs.)                                   $45.00 
Instructions included with all products.
Directions for Assembling the "T-Post Modular Target Bracket":

First attach the desired Target to the "T-Post Modular Target Bracket" (T-PMTB) by placing that Target face down and inset the Grade 8 Bolts up through the front face of the Target, then slip the Target Springs over the Bolts in the rear of the Target.  Once the Target Springs are on, place the "T-PMTB" over the Bolts then thread the Nylon Lock Nuts tightening them to where the bolt is flush with the end of the Nut. 

Note: you will see that the Target Springs have not collapsed this allows for movement of the Target on the Bracket when impacted.  You will supply one (1) 5 to 6-foot Heavy Duty T-Post.  Drive the T-Post into the ground till it feels secure.  T-Post depth depends on Soil conditions in your area.  Slip the "T-PMTB" over the T-Post.

For shooting ONLY with a Pistol, inset equally on both sides 1/2-inch Rebar 5-foot long (you need to supply) into the Horizontal Target Hanger Tube; then slip on a Target Collar on each side to keep the Rebar in place.  Then place additional Targets on the Horizontal Rebar.  When using the Target Collars use "Blue" LOCTITE or equivalent on the set screws prior to tightening.

The "T-Post Modular Target Bracket" is Easy to Transport and Setup with a small Storage Footprint. 

Made in the USA!  Designed and Built to last by Riflemen!

DO NOT Shoot Targets on the Horizontal Rebar with a Rifle on the "T-Post Modular Target Bracket" they are for Pistol Only!

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