1.  Treat Every Firearm as if it's Loaded.

2.  Never Point a Firearm at Anything you are not willing to destroy.

3.  Always be Sure of your Target and What is beyond it.

4.  Keep your finger Off the trigger until you are on target and
     ready to fire.
Safety Considerations for Shooting Steel:

-Always wear eye and ear protection.  Projectiles can and will ricochet and can come back to
  strike the shooter or bystanders.

-Place your Targets as low to the ground as possible in case of ricochet or miss.

-Always be sure of your Target and what is Around and Beyond it!

-Square up the shooting position to the target to reduce the risk of being impacted by "splash".

-Maintain Minimum Recommended Safe Distance at All TimesNO CLOSER!

-Use Appropriate Ammunition!

-See "Recommended Minimum Distances" and "Ammunition".
Recommended Minimum Distances:

1/4-inch AR500-
Use ONLY 22 LR Rimfire.  For .22 LR Rimfire Rifle shoot NO Closer than 25-meters (82-feet) and 15-yards with a .22 LR Rimfire Pistol NO CLOSER!

3/8 and 1/2-inch AR500-
These thickness' can be shot with .22 LR caliber and larger.  However there are considerations:

For Magnum Rifles a Minimum distance of 200-yards should be used NO CLOSER!

For Non-Magnum Calibers a Minimum distance of 100-yards should be used NO CLOSER!

For 9mm Pistols a Minimum distance of 15-yards and for Magnum Pistol calibers a Minimum distance of 25-yards should be used NO CLOSER!

If the Target face becomes "Pockmarked" or "Pitted" from repeated impacts the Target should be flipped over to a None-Damaged side or Discarded and Replaced.  The "Pits" can increase the potential for ricochets.

Never use "Steel Core" Ammunition on AR500 Targets.  It Doesn't Matter which caliber!  If a magnet sticks to the projectile it will Damage the Target and could endanger the user.

Never us "Armor Piercing" Ammunition.  These will Damage the AR500 Targets the same way as "Steel Core".  An example of this round would be Military Surplus M855 62-grain "Green Tip".

Do Not shoot AR500 with projectiles with speeds greater than 3100-feet per second at the muzzle no matter the caliber.  Fast moving projectiles will damage the AR500.  Resulting in premature "Pitting" and Chipping the edges of the Target.
Following these guidelines will make your Targets last a long time. 

Rifleman Training Targets is Not Responsible for Improperly Used Targets.

Purchaser Assumes ALL Risk and Responsibility for Any and All Accidents.

Safe Shooting is No Accident
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