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"Tactical Rifle Steel Match"
"Project Appleseed Weekend at Sparta, IL"
"The Tack Driving TWINS"
"A line of Riflemen in the making"
This is Miss Patty She is a friend of mine and a spitfire!!!  She has attented Appleseed several times pursuing her Rifleman's Patch.  It was only a few years ago she started shooting.  She is shown here with her Target shot with her pistol at 25 meters!!  Miss Patty is 93 years young!  She loves shooting our steel and hardly ever passes up a chance to go shoot.
This picture is from a shoot that I was invited to what a great event!!!
Stage from the Illinois IDPA State Match that we sponsored
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"AQT - Liberty Training Target Set" Day at the Range.  Thanks for the picture Duke! 
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