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100-yard Complete Set "Bonus Pack"
  (53.5 lbs.)    Save $89.00      $340.00
"Army Qualification Test Target"
Four Targets, Four Target Hangers and Two Modular Target Stands

The "Army Qualification Test (AQT) Targets" are Made in the USA from American Made, Certified 3/8-inch thick, AR500 Steel, Cut the Superior way, with a Computer Guided "Laser" (maintains hardness) these precise sized duplicates are the same as the Targets used for the Known Distance taught by Project Appleseed, they are the size of the 4 and 5 score area only.  These Scaled Targets are to be shot at 100-yards representing "Full Size" and scaled down 200, 300 and 400-yards.
"100-yard AQT Complete Set"
Made in the USA!  Designed and Built to last by Riflemen!

American made, Certified AR500 Steel, Cut the Superior way, with a Computer Guided "Laser"...  Our Steel Stays Strong!
NEW Full Size "Special" with the 3 score at the bottom (51.5 lbs.)
"Army Qualification Test Target"
"Flash Gong Target"
NEW 6" Flash Gong ( 13.75 lbs.)       $175.00
Over 50 different available Targets!
Developing the "Flash Gong"!!

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