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To be a part of Daniel Morgan's Company of Riflemen, was to say you were the Best of the Best.  In remembering Morgan and his men, we are Honored to bring you "Morgan's Shingle Target".
These Targets are:

* Precisely sized duplicates of 100 and 250-meter "Morgan's Shingle".

* A great Target to hang next to the "Full Size Army Qualification Target"

* Available in two (2) Sizes and three (3) Styles!

* Targets that give you an Instant Audio Response!  No more going down range to check paper!

* Easy to Transport and Setup with a small Storage Footprint.

* Made in the USA from American made, Certified 3/8-inch thick AR500 Steel.
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"Morgan's Shingle Target"

These are precisely sized duplicates of the famous Morgan's Shingle.  These Targets are Made in the USA from American Made, Certified 3/8-inch thick AR500 Steel, Cut the Superior way, with a Computer Guided "Laser" (maintains hardness) it is for Center Fire Rifles, to be shot at 100-yards and further.

The "Morgan's Shingle Target" is available in two (2) different sizes (a little over three [3] MOA each), one Scaled for 100-yards (2-3/4"w x 3-3/4"t) and the second Full Size for 250-yards (7"w x 9"t).  The 100-yard "Morgan's Shingle Target" is available as a "Spinner Target" (see picture above) or with a Single Hole to be used with the "Target Hanger System".  The 250-yard Full Size Target is available for the "Target Hanger System" (single hole) or with the "T-Post Modular Target Bracket" (double hole).  Spinner and Single Hole "Morgan's Shingle Target" work with our "Modular Target Stand".

"Spinner Target" include two (2) Target Collars which keep Targets in place, this allows for multiple hanging Targets.  When using the Target Collars us "Blue" LOCTITE or equivalent on the set screws prior to tightening. 

The "Morgan's Shingle Target" is a great Target to hang next to the "Full Size Army Qualification Target".

Be one of Morgan's Men!!  Work on your Precision Marksmanship Skills...  Become one of Morgan's Riflemen!!

Directions for Assembling the "Morgan's Shingle Target":

Follow assembly instructions for the "Modular Target Stand", "Target Hanger System" or the "T-Post Modular Target Bracket" .

DO NOT Shoot "Morgan's Shingle Targets" with a Rifle on the "T-Post Modular Target Stand"!

"Morgan's Shingle Targets" are Easy to Transport and Setup with a small Storage Footprint. 

Made in the USA!  Designed and Built to last by Riflemen!
Requires:  "Modular Target Stand" and "Target Hanger System" or "T-Post Modular Target Bracket"                         
See sizes below             
Instructions included with all products.
Important:  Maintain a Minimum Distance of 100-yards with a Center Fire Rifle and 15-yards with a Pistol NO CLOSER!

Do Not shoot steel with projectiles with a speed greater the 3100fps at the muzzle, no matter the caliber.

NEVER Shoot Targets with "Steel Core" or "Armor Penetrating" Rounds.

Following these guidelines will make your Target last a long time. 

Rifleman Training Targets is Not Responsible for Improperly Used Targets.

Purchaser Assumes ALL Risk and Responsibility for Any and All Accidents

Safe Shooting is No Accident
100-yard Scaled "Morgan Shingle Target" (Single Hole, 1 lbs.)     $12.00
100-yard Scaled "Morgan Shingle Target" Spinner  (2 lbs.)           $32.00
250-yard Full Size "Morgan Shingle Target" (Single Hole, 7 lbs.)     $30.00
250-yard Full Size "Morgan Shingle Target" (Double Hole, 7 lbs.)    $30.00
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