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These Targets are:

* For Unlimited Scenarios and Fun to shoot for the New and Experienced shooter .

* Great for practicing for your next match, No checking paper; Instant Audio Response.

* Targets give you an Instant Audio Response!  No more going down range to check paper!

* Available in Five (5) different Sizes, Scaled Exactly for your needs.

* Easy to Transport and Setup with a small Storage Footprint.

* Made in the USA from American made, Certified 3/8-inch thick AR500 Steel.
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"IDPA / USPSA Styled Silhouette Targets"

The "IDPA / USPSA Styled Silhouette Targets" are made in the USA from American made, Certified 3/8-inch thick AR500 Steel, Cut the Superior way, with a Computer Guided "Laser" (maintains hardness).  These Targets are available in "Full Size" (18"w x 30"t), "Full Size without the -3 area" (12"w x 24"t), "66%" (12"w x 20"t), "50%" (9"w x 15"t), and "45%" (8"w x 13.5"t).  Measurements are overall heights and widths.

These Targets can be shot with a Pistol at 15-yards or with a Rifle at 100-yards, they hang in the middle of the "T-Post Modular Target Bracket" and allow for Additional Targets on either side for Multiple Target Scenarios (see pictures above).  These Targets can also be hung from the "Modular Target Stand" with two (2) of the "Target Hanger Systems".  Use multiple Targets to Create your own Stages.  Practice Quick Target Transitions by Shooting these Targets in a different order each time.

Directions for Assembling the "IDPA / USPSA Silhouette Target":

Follow assembly instructions for the "T-Post Modular Target Bracket" or the "Modular Target Stand" and the "Target Hanger System"!  Requires two (2) of the "Target Hanger System" when used with the "Modular Target Stand"

The "IDPA / USPSA Styled Silhouette Targets" are Easy to Transport and Setup with a small Storage Footprint. 

Made in the USA!  Designed and Built to last by Riflemen!
The "IDPA / USPSA Styled Silhouette Target" is a Great Tool to Hone your Pistol Marksmanship Skills whether you are practicing for the next local match or heading off to compete at a sanctioned event.  These targets are to be shot at 15-yards and further with a Pistol or 100-yards and further with a Center Fire Rifle both with an Instant Audio Response.
Requires:  "T-Post Modular Target Bracket".
Instructions included with all products.
Important:  Maintain a Minimum Distance of 100-yards with a Center Fire Rifle and 15-yards with a Pistol NO CLOSER!

Do Not shoot steel with projectiles with a speed greater the 3100fps at the muzzle, no matter the caliber.

NEVER Shoot Targets with "Steel Core" or "Armor Penetrating" Rounds.

Following these guidelines will make your Target last a long time. 

Rifleman Training Targets is Not Responsible for Improperly Used Targets.

Purchaser Assumes ALL Risk and Responsibility for Any and All Accidents

Safe Shooting is No Accident
Full Size Silhouette (49.5 lbs.)  $200.00
Full Size Silhouette without the -3 Area
(Pictured, 25 lbs.)                      $95.00
66% Silhouette (32.5 lbs.)         $85.00
50% Silhouette (24.75 lbs.)       $55.00
45% Silhouette (22.25 lbs.)       $50.00
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