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"Just wanted to drop a line and give you some feedback on the targets I ordered. 
  Shipping was prompt and the targets arrived without incident.  The targets look great
  and are going to be a valuable asset to my training".
"Thank you for your effort and skill in making these, I've recommended the unit to a
   coworker here in Idaho who's a new Appleseeder (and still to make rifleman) who
   had  one ordered for himself as a Christmas present. Thanks for your follow-up and I
   hope God blesses you and yours in the new year".
"Received the targets today in the mail.  Pretty nice, and my boys were pretty stoked when they opened up the box".
                                                                                                                                  -Todd, LTC EN, State Marksmanship Coordinator,
                                                                                                                                                              Nebraska Army National Guard
"I received the Target Set, thanks for the fast shipping, I'll be hammering this target
  with rifle fire soon!  By the way, how is the full size KD type target coming along? 
  Keep me in mind, if the price is good I will be buying one"!

"A couple months ago, I bought the "AQT Liberty Training Target Set". I attended an Appleseed about a month later and
  achieved my Rifleman patch as well as shooting a "clean" Redcoat. I attended another one this past weekend and shot two
  more Rifleman scored AQTs and another "clean" Redcoat. One interesting thing to point out: the club I am a member of, had
  their rifle range shut down during hunting season because the club is hunting club with a token effort to provide a shooting
  range. I was still able to use my steel AQT target on the pistol range since I was shooting a .22. However there really was no
  where to shoot prone. I did a lot of standing and sitting. At the Appleseed I attended, my problems were all with prone. My
  standing and sitting scores were very good (practice pays off in a big way). In fact, on both the AQTs I shot Rifleman on at the
  last Appleseed I attended, I only lost two points on the standing stage; which logic would tell you is the toughest stage to
  shoot well. But, thanks to the practice with the steel target, it was probably my best stage".

Reagrding the "AQT - Liberty Training Target Set".  "If you hit the little piece of metal above the target, it still rings but does not swing as much. I find the swing up to the back is good practice for my breathing and trigger control as it usually is settled down before the next shot.  The targets are just the dark portion of the AQT so the 400 yard targets look extra tiny. Has really made me focus on the front site and trust my NPOA ( I may have been cheating a bit with the 22).  The set up takes a minute. The plate has not deformed one bit, unlike some other .22 targets I have used. I have hit it with every kind of .22 I have scrounged up, std velocity, high velocity, round nose, HP, etc.

Love the target! Saves lots of walking down to check the paper in the snow and gets me back home sooner which makes the home boss happy!  Put about 300 rounds on it and it is holding up great. That square is a tough little bugger.
Used it as a talking point to seventh step last weekend".
                                                                                                                                   -Boston, Project Appleseed, Instructor.
"Been plinking since April, thanks - the kids are coming around and doing better than myself".

"Seen one of these to this past weekends Event in Bald Knob Arkansas. They are very nice and very well made".

                                                                                                                                    -Sticksnstones, Project Applesee, Instructor
"The 25m AQT target is about the most fun you can have while maintaining a G rating".

                                                                                                                                   -Big John, Project Applesee, Instructor

"I received my new "AQT - Liberty Training Target Set" today and it looks great! I can't wait to try it out.  I guess I will be doing
  some unofficial Winterseeding soon.  Thanks again"
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Talking about the Flash Gong....  "Orange flag is visible on overcast day from 555 yards without optics. Winning design".

"Got it!!!! ("AQT - Liberty Training Target Set") So cool"!!!!
"Got mine for Christmas (AQT - Liberty Training Target Set)...  Very well made, and blast to shoot.  Even better in person than
  the photos can show.  Great Job!
"This is a perfect set up for practice for myself and working with my kids, nephews and nieces. Kudos to you guys for coming
   up with this".
"Good morning , I finally was able to take the target out of the box . Real Pro !! Thank you !!
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Question or Comment:
I just opened them last night when I got home.  Well done! I really like them (custom sized AQT targets).

                                                                                                                                            -Matt, FBI Agent, Firearms Instructor
They're really nice ("100-yard AQT Complete Set - Bonus Pack").  Can't wait for the snow to melt enough so I can set them up to shoot.
I love the target (Full Size AQT Target). I have it set up at 550 yards from my shooting position in front of my house. Leaves no doubt when you hit it. J
                                                                                                                                            -Ben, Appleseed Senior Instructor
WOW. Out standing target (L.T.T.S.).  I set the target up and shot at it for hours.  400 rounds into it on Saturday alone.  It does have a little bit of walk if you get enough of the plates swinging but I'm guessing that's what the round hole is for (to steak it down).  I absolutely love this target.  At the end of the day, I was making the Morgan shingle spin like mad 9/10 shots STANDING.  I'm very confidant that I'll achieve my rifleman status come March, especially if I continue to practice at the rate I am.

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