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Rifleman Training Targets is located in Southern Illinois.  It is owned and operated by me, Brian Hobbs. 

Let me tell you briefly about the company and myself.  First I am a Bible believing, Jesus saved me, guy!  Through God's grace, He has allowed me to pursue many avenues by opening doors for me that He wants.  My wife and I home school our one daughter, which in home schooling circles that is quite funny because normally there are at least 6 kids in every other family we know that home school.

I have been an elected official to our towns Village Board, "I try to steer clear of the word politician"!  Through my service as a Trustee I endeavor to uphold the Freedoms that we hold dear.  If we are going to fix this mess (our country) we have to do it from the ground up.  I take the oath that I swore very seriously: to uphold the Constitution of the United States.

I always have enjoyed shooting, since the first time I went out with my Dad.  As a kid I would spend hours in our family basement shooting my Sheridan pellet gun into a box full of old Sears and JC Penny catalogs (we lived in town).  Dad made sure that gun safety was taught and abided by.  I have done this with my daughter as well.  I look forward to Illinois' Deer Season every year when I get to relax and visit with my squirrel friends as they are always very entertaining.
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"Rifleman Training Targets"...  "Because Riflemen Persist"!  Let Freedom Ring!!!
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My experience in the shooting sports is varied, from shooting IDPA, 3-Gun and Long Range Tactical Rifle.  I say that I like IDPA, Love 3-Gun but will drive 4 hours to shoot Tactical Rilfe.  I am a Certified NRA Range Safety Officer, an Appleseed Instructor, and a IDPA SafetyOfficer.

As a result of my love of shooting sports "Rifleman Training Targets" was born.  I have dedicated endless hours to the development and testing of all of our products which actually has been a lot of fun.  Through the experience of the different disciplines in which I shoot and or instruct, and with the help of some world renowned shooter whom I call my friends I have developed a line of Targets that are easy to transport and have a small storage footprint.  High quality Targets that are Cut with a "Laser" from American made, Ceritfied AR500 Steel resulting in a Fun time shooting for the new and experienced shooter.

Please free to contact me with any comments or ideas for Targets, I welcome your input!

Thank you for checking us out, you will be extremely happy with your purchases.  "Let Freedom Ring"!!!              -Hobbs

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