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What is Certified AR500 Steel?

Only Certified AR500 steel plates are truly premium abrasion resistant steel that is actually Certified through manufacturing and testing.  AR500 is heat treated to exhibit thorough-hardening and results in a Brinel Hardness of 460-544. 

The protection Certified AR500 Steel provides in wear applications is exceptional this allows our Targets to absorb impact without being damaged.
AR500 Steel - Why You Should Care!
What's Special about Rifleman Training Targets AR500?

Rifleman Training Targets uses American Made, Certified AR500 that has been Cut the Superior way, with a Computer Guided "Laser".  This results in exact and smooth cuts which reduces heat transferred to the steel.  In turn, this minimizes the occurrence of chipping from impact.

Our "Laser" is able to cut AR500 Steel without interfering with its inherent structure, as there is nominal "heat-affected zone".  Minimizing the effects of heat allows metals to be cut without harming or changing the steel's intrinsic properties.
Why is AR500 Steel used for Targets instead of regular mild steel?

Regular mild steel Will Not Hold Up to the velocity and energy delivered by “small caliber” rifle rounds.  It will deform the Steel and make an unsafe Target.

A Google search will verify that no matter how thick or what type of mild steel is used, they are No Substitute for Targets made from Certified AR500 Steel.

Rifleman Training Targets give a Great Return on your Time and your Investment.  With proper use, Certified AR500 Steel Targets will last a very, very long time. 
Can a AR500 Target be Damaged?

YES! AR500 can be Damaged by:

Steel Core Bullets (Russian surplus ammo -  rule of thumb: If a magnet sticks, don't use it)

Speeds Greater than 3100 feet per second (No Matter the caliber - Speed Kills steel)

Magnum rifle loads at a distance closer than 200 yards

Standard rifle loads at a distance closer than 100 yards

Armor Piercing (M855 - 62gr Penetrator Ammo aka Green Tip)
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