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"AQT - Liberty Training Target Set"
Measures: 13.5"w x 25"t

(13 lbs.) Stand Included
AQT - Liberty Training Target Set
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These Targets are:

* Swinger Targets that Duplicate the 25-Meter AQT Target, used at Project Appleseed.

* Targets that give you an Instant Audio Response!  No more going down range to check paper!

* Perfect tool to help you Accomplish your Precision Marksmanship Goals.

* Swinger Set is for .22 LR Rimfire ONLY!

* Easy to Transport and Setup with small Storage Footprint.

* MADE IN THE USA from American made, Certified 1/4-inch thick AR500 Steel.
The "AQT - Liberty Training Target Set" is FUN to shoot and are Great for the New and Experienced shooter.  Use as a Polishing Tool, once you have achieved a good shot group through the "Six Steps to Firing a Shot", properly applying "Steady Hold Factors" and maintaining good "Natural Point of Aim" as taught by Project Appleseed.

The "Army Qualification Test - Liberty Training Target Set" (AQT - L.T.T.S.) is Made in the USA from American Made, Certified 1/4-inch thick AR500 Steel, Cut the Superior way, with a Computer Guided "Laser" (maintains hardness) to achieve precise sized "Swingers" which duplicate the 25-Meter AQT Targets, used at Appleseed.  Targets that give you an Instant Audio Response!  No more going down range to check paper!

"AQT - L.T.T.S." is scaled for 25-meters and represent 100 (standing), 200 (sitting), 300 (prone), and 400 (prone) meters, and are the Exact size of the 4 & 5 score area only, we eliminated the 3 score portion of the targets to hone your skills with a Successful Audio Response

When you Ring each Target through the course of fire, you will have guaranteed yourself a 200 point score, more than likely a "Rifleman 210 plus score"  Our design includes a 1-inch square to help with your 4-MOA.  For more of a challenge engage the 200-yard Target standing and the 300-yard Target sitting.  This Target can be shot with a Pistol, shoot it at 25-meters and practice your 100-yard Pistol shot!  Aim small...  Hit small !  This Target will prove to be an Extremely Useful Tool!

The "AQT - L.T.T.S." is Easy to Transport and Setup with a small Storage Footprint.

The "AQT - Liberty Training Target Set" will help you accomplish your Precision Marksmanship Goals.

Made in the USA!  Designed and Built to last by Riflemen!
Important: Maintain a Minimum Distance of 25-meter (82-feet) with a .22 LR Rimfire Rifle and 15-yards with a .22 LR Rimfire Pistol, NO CLOSER!

NEVER Shoot Targets with "Steel Core" or "Armor Penetrating" Rounds.

Following these guidelines will make your Target last a long time. 

Rifleman Training Targets is Not Responsible for Improperly Used Targets.

Purchaser Assumes ALL Risk and Responsibility for Any and All Accidents.

Safe Shooting is No Accident
Instructions included with all products.
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